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Yoga during Summer

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The Summer is arriving and we are all exited as with the new season, the summer yoga classes at the most beautiful beaches of the Algarve will start as well!  But let’s see a bit why it is good to practice yoga specially in the summer and on your holiday

Beach Yoga Algarve

Balances The Yin/Yang of Life

Every season, person or activity can be referred to as either ‘Yin’ or ‘Yang’. These 2 opposing elements complement each-other by creating a unified balance. Yin represents low energy – softness, darkness and inward emotion. On the other side summer is an extremely ‘Yang’ season – identified by scorching heat, dancing, laughing, eating & drinking and generally behaving in an extremely out-going, lively way. Specially when you are on a holiday in the Algarve. Yoga acts as an elixir for all the ‘go,go,go’ of modern life as it allows you to create a balance from the hectic lifestyle that summer may bring.

More Limber Body, means Deeper Flexibility

The great thing about yoga during summer is that our warmer bodies are more prepared for every bend, stretch and twist. Our muscles are already malleable due increased heat and generally our joints feel more limber and freer. This makes yoga more easily accessible to our bodies than if started during the crispy cold Winter season, meaning that our loose bodies are prepared to go even further into postures without injury or strain. And nevertheless, refreshes you after or before a long beach day.

Eliminate holiday laziness!

Ease back to your daily routine like knowing that you’ve had a nice time and taken some of the right steps during holiday to look after your body, mind & spirit. Avoid all the post-holiday panic after you have been enjoying yourself too much with the delicious fish and green wine. Practicing yoga during the holiday will provide all the stability you need during this fun-loving frenzy of a season & experience.

Beach Yoga Algarve

Yoga postures for Summer

Postures that gently open the heart and lungs, create a sense of spaciousness and relax the nervous system are all a wonderful way to remedy hot, humid and busy Summer days. To balance out all the activity and excitement of Summer, practice Yin postures like Sphinx and Seal, restorative backbends and Viparita Karani, or ‘legs up the wall’ pose if your legs are feeling heavy or swollen after a long day in the sun. Remember to make the most of that morning Summer sunlight if you can with a few rounds of Surya Namaskar before it gets too hot!