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Sunshine Yoga

Sunshine – Boost your mood

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Choose the Morning Beach Yoga class, which will bring you some other benefits as well. Summer is the season when we can make the most of the morning sunlight to get our internal rhythms back on track, which has a huge impact on getting good quality sleep too. When we step outside in the morning, light receptors in our eyes absorb the natural ‘blue’ lightwaves that are more prevalent from sunrise to around 11am. These lightwaves send a message to the brain that it’s daytime. When the brain gets this message, it’s a little like turning the key in an engine; our digestive system starts to rev up, we can focus more, we feel more energised and ready for the day.

Sunshine Yoga

Ready for the Summer?

Summer is linked to the ‘pleasure’ hormone dopamine? Well, it turns out that when we get this dose of morning sunlight, it triggers a dopamine release into the body, giving us a natural mood boost to start the day. Dopamine isn’t just about pleasure however, it’s a neurotransmitter responsible for motivation too. With a morning dose of dopamine, we’re more motivated to approach the day with energy, vibrancy, and enthusiasm. We’re also more likely to feel motivated to repeat the positive action of getting outside in the morning that made us feel so good! 

Sunshine Yoga

Ancient yogis knew the power of morning sunlight, and some of the earliest forms of Surya Namaskar or the ‘Sun Salutation’ didn’t involve movement, but focused instead on sun-gazing – looking towards the sky at sunrise and sunset. (If you practice this, be sure to never look directly at the sun!). 

To make the most of morning Summer sunlight, try stepping outside within 30 minutes of waking. It only takes around 5 to 10 minutes for the light to have a positive and awakening effect on the body, so you could move through a few rounds of Sun salutations, sip your morning coffee, or practice a pranayama technique whilst you’re there.