My name is Lizi and I am a Yoga & Fitness Instructor, Life coach, Traveller and Free Soul. 

I worked long hours in the corporate world, but one day I decided to change and went for an adventure to discover the world. While visiting 68 countries, I experienced a lot of different cultures, way of thinking, way of living life and different meaning of being happy. Beside exploring the world, I have learned a lot about yoga & yoga philosophy, which enabled me to deepen my physical, mental and spiritual journey. I changed my career path and got dedicated to help people through Yoga and Coaching to improve your wellbeing on different levels. 

I have been practicing yoga for 9 years and teaching for the last 4 years, after completing the Yoga teachers’ course (YTT 200) and spending a few weeks in an Ashram in India. I am continuously improving my knowledge and practice in Yoga, Health, Lifestyle, Sport & Nutrition. I am always ready to widen my horizon and keep my heart open for new experiences in order to guide you to a well-balanced lifestyle. 

My classes are hatha based, being adopted for every level, but I always make sure to spice up the class with some challenging poses, breathwork or just awakening thought. I would like to make sure that you get an unforgettable experience.


My name is Macarena. I´m a yogini and performer from Argentina.

As a performer, I started to travel around the world touring with Fuerza Bruta Company and Ashtanga Yoga practice was the only thing I could take anywhere, realizing that was the perfect balance and combination of body and mind. 

In 2016 I moved to Australia, I came across Vinyasa Yoga and I fell in love. I decided to do my YTT in Creature Yoga, Byron Bay, and since then I’ve been sharing yoga around the world.

My mission is to guide people in their journey. There is no right or wrong ways to encourage our spiritual pathway. The most important is to allow us to open up and feel, just feel, and let your intuition leads you.

My classes focus on developing strength, balance and grace of mind and body with dynamic movement, pranayama (breathing) practice and meditation.


Hi, I am Corinne. I have been practicing yoga since I was a child and in 2015 after completing two intensive teacher trainings in Belgium and India and several workshops all around the world, I felt I was ready to share the beautiful gift of Hatha Yoga with others.

During classes my goal is for all of us to become aware of our authentic selves. For me this can be explained as simply as ‘allowing yourself to shine and spreading your light to others.’
I focus on consciousness of body, mind and soul by means of breathing techniques (pranayama) and poses (asanas).

Some asanas will be held for a longer time to really deepen our awareness whereas others will be followed up faster in order to create a nice flow of energy throughout the body. I will always strive for a balance between challenging yourself and respecting your limits.
Classes are open for everybody who is in for a nourishing time.