el Sol Fitness

Beach Workout


Join us on a weekly beach workout session at Batata Beach in Lagos, where you can challenge yourself in a nice group environment. Classes are designed as a circuit training focusing on improving work capacity, strength, power & speed/agility. Let’s start the week actively!


Drop-in: 15

5 Session: 65

10 Sessions: 130

Outdoor fitness

Personal Training Program

Anytime anywhere !

Get your personalized strength & conditioning training plan either you are looking for weight loss or muscle gain, fitness or performance improvement. Our professional coaches are here to help you to set customized, achievable smart goals, build up firm mindset to achieve success in every part of your life, to challenge you in order to increase your confidence, fitness level, health, flexibility and strength! We teach you about the main health indicators, trainings periodization, nutrition, sleep quality and help you to prepare for big sport&life events. 

Training can be fun using outdoor equipment, your own body weight, and different skills & drills. 


Personal Training: 45€ – 1 session

 Personal Trainings plan: on request